Translator Directory Registration Form

Translator Directory Registration
Translator Directory is a global directory of translators, interpreters and language consultants (individuals or agencies) specialized in every language spoken on Earth. If you provide language services and wish to be included in this directory, please complete and submit the registration form (below). There is a one time fee of $100 and a fee of $10 for any future update of entry. An entry consists of the name of the company (or individual), its address, phone and fax numbers, URL, email address (as applicable), and the description in the English language of up to 100 words.
We do not have pre-specified qualifications that a translator or agency must possess in order to be included in the Directory. We only request that our clients provide true and fair description of their qualifications and the service they can provide. Translators with certification and professional memberships may include such information in the description of their service. Non-certified translators may mention the degree(s) they hold, number of years of experience translating, names of major corporations or non-commercial organizations for whom they worked, etc.
We do not routinely verify the information provided. We may, however, ask for proof of stated facts in case we receive complaints from our clients. Should we find that a translator has been untruthful or unfair in the description of thir qualifications or credentials, we reserve the right to delete the entry. In such a case, a new description of such translator's background or service can only be negotiated as a new entry. Such an entry will be subject to verification and a new fee.
  1. Select the language(s) in which you can provide translation, interpreting and/or language consulting:
  2. Full name of translator or registered name of firm/agency:
  3. Full address for correspondence:
  4. Telephone number:
  5. Fax number (optional):
  6. E-mail address:
  7. Web site address (URL):
  8. Brief description of your firm/agency, services provided, specialization, credentials … (100 words maximum):

Please review the form and make sure you have entered all applicable information. Then submit the form:


Thank you for your entry. Your information will be included in Translator as soon as we receive your payment of the one-time registration fee of 100 US dollars. Please make your cheque or money order payable to "Business Gates Corp." and mail it to the following address:

Business Gates Corp.
2153 Wealthy St. S.E., #175
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Please enclose with your payment the name of translator or firm/agency as it appears on the form above to avoid delays.

Translator Directory Registration

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